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Our Insurance Courses

All courses can either be delivered on site or by zoom (webinar)


1.Introduction to Marine Insurance3 or 6 Hours
2.Introduction to Cargo Insurance1, 3 or 6 Hours
3.Cargo Insurance (Advanced)6 Hours
4.Cargo Claims3 Hours
5.Principles of Yacht Insurance3 Hours
6.Commercial Hull Insurance6 Hours
7.P and I Insurance3 Hours
8.Introduction to General Average2 Hours
9.Institute Cargo Clauses6 Hours
10.Marine Cargo Policy Form3 Hours
11.Marine Liabilities (Ship Repairer, Marina Operator)4 Hours
12.Freight Forwarder and Transport Intermediary3 Hours
13.INCO Terms2 Hours
14.Liability Conventions of Transport Companies4 Hours

Marine: USA

15.Introduction to Marine Insurance in the United States3 Hours
16.Introduction to Cargo Insurance in the United States3 Hours

Marine: Canada

17.Introduction to Marine Insurance in Canada3 Hours
18.Introduction to Cargo Insurance in Canada6 Hours


19.Introduction to the Energy Industry2 Hours
20.Introduction to Energy Insurance2 Hours
21.Upstream Energy Insurance1 Hour
22.Downstream Energy Insurance1 Hour


23.General principles of Contract and Tort3 Hours
24.Introduction to Liability Insurance2 Hours
25.Professional Indemnity Insurance2 Hours
26.Professional Indemnity Insurance ( Insurance Brokers)1 Hour
27.Directors and Officers Insurance ( D & O)1 Hour


28.Introduction to Aviation Insurance2 Hours

Please feel free to contact me today to discuss how I can assist you with any of the following services: Marine insurance expert witness, claims overview, peer review and audit, insurance archaeology or, if you would like to book a course.